VIP Club Philosophy

Our VIP club philosophy has always been to create the best possible party in the coolest and most luxurious venues we could discover and get our hands on. Perfecting a combination of sensory experiences has allowed us to deliver consistency for almost two decades in A-list party excellence and has won us rave reviews and most importantly the luxury of word of mouth recommendations.

As an underground phenomenon throughout the 90's and early noughtys we filled some of the best known VIP clubs and prestigious luxury venues strictly by invitation only with one of London's sexiest crowds. If you couldn't get you hands on an invite you weren't getting in so in some ways they were looked upon like gold dust, despite the complete disregard for traditional marketing and advertising methods the spoken word  earn't Pengeparty VIP club global recognization. Being judged as one of the top 10 A-list nights in the world by Ministry Magazine at the time considered to be one of the leading music and party publications in the world.

Taking what we did so passionately abroad, we have had some legendary parties in luxurious VIP Blue Villa in Ibiza and in one of Marbella's latest pristine club. Our challenge has always been finding a premiere venue that offers the glamorous appeal our faithful crowd have grown accustomed to.

Never ones to rest on our laurels and accept second best in the most recent years we have worked with London's finest award winning venues, the best clubs London has to offer Pangaea, Supperclub, Aquum, Shakazulu, McQueen and 2012's best new club at the London bar and club awards DSTRKT. Not forgetting the prestigious venues such as A-list Gibson hall and the Connaught rooms.

That quest to stay one step ahead of the followers has set us apart from many other party organizers for almost two decades offering a celebrity party atmosphere with Pengeparty unique musical flavour considered by many to be at the forefront of dance music and pushing the bounaries with its warm dancefloor friendly vibes guaranteed to keep everyone captivated until the last tune of the night gets played. Pengeparty has for many years as its own particular blend of soulful and funky house, staying well away from the poptastic safety of standard chart music, staying loyal to it's foundations of music with meaning and now in 2012 evolving to what could only be qualified as innovative "Tech Funk" guaranteed to make you dance.

VIP clubs London

If you asked us how, why and whether, only 2 decades of living, breathing, innovating in the competetive A-list London bar and club scene Gives you the knowledge to come close to perfecting that perfect celebrity party atmosphere and leaving the last finer details to the universe to add the icing on the cake to make the night more memorable than any other to the individual concerned.

We've entertained thousands of discerning individuals who all turned up with one thing on their mind partying like VIP rockstars to the best of their ability. Harnessing that energy has been our pleasure for all these years which is what made receiving a Pengeparty invite to any new venue just that little more special than the norm!

Few can boast such a lengthy session of memorable A-list party events and a prestigious portfolio of venues under the belt and still attract an attractive crowd who also could be considered the most up for it party fanatics London has to offer. If mature sexy glam partying is for you the Pengeparty is for you but ultimately your best friend will be the one to let you know.

Our aim has always to regard everyone on the same level and despite having a long line of celebrities personalities whether you were Mick Hucknal, Gareth Gates, Baby Spice or a member of the Royal Family once you walked through the doors you were considered an equal member of the extended Pengeparty and respected the fact that bottom line everyone just turned up with one wish, to party like the rock stars! And do that they did by in the most friendliest and non pretentious manner.

If you've been wondering why you've only just found us, don't it's better late than never. Just embrace the magic of having our Dj's deliver music they've scoured the world looking for or produce themselves an let the added beats from our percussionist take you on an exceptional musical journey of escapism from the monthly drain of day to day living. Nothing makes the heart skip higher than a couple of hours spent on the dance floor having the time of your life!

VIP clubs London