DJ Tim Spins


DJ Tim Spins

DJ Tim Spins has developed his DJ career over the last 17 years as a resident DJ and co-promoter at London’s prestigious invite-only event ‘Pengeparty’. Pengeparty as an underground phenomenon is unique, in the fact that everyone has personal invitations and the parties are not advertised in press of by flyers. The crowd are reputed to be one of the most glamorous in the country being compared on a level with legendary party promotions Puscha, Miss MoneyPennies and Chuff Chuff. The notoriety of this club event has spread through word of mouth, by the dedication of the DJ’s in creating the best party atmosphere and the loyalty of its ‘up for it crowd’. This has not gone unnoticed has it has twice been nominated for London Barcardi club awards. It has also been nominated as the 3rd best party ever by Mixmag magazine's 'Top Clubbing Experiences'.

I have had the luxury of Djing at the worlds most luxurious venues and most glamorous parties. I am fortunate that my main residency has been to entertain London’s most exclusive crowd on a regular basis at legendary Pengeparty. I specialise in playing the cream of soulful house and more up tempo funky house, paying attention to blend in a few disco underground classics - the foundation of house. I also love dropping some of the all time classic's to really get my set pumping. I am passionate about all aspects of DJing and club culture and can draw on a vast knowledge and experience. I am motivated to play great music that will get any party started right and bring delight to my listeners. My sets are carefully programmed to ensure that the dance floor is immediately packed with huge smiles, a loved up vibe and applause to entertain London's most experienced and demanding clubbers. My idea of playing a live set is first and foremost to please the crowd, they are the people who are most important to me. I always play for them and make sure I interact with them to bring the party together. You know when the parties rocking when you get the response from the crowd. . My skills as a DJ have not gone unnoticed During 1996 -1998 I was signed to the Italian DJ agency Movida, flying out regularly to play in Italy's finest super clubs.

I was first exposed to DJ culture during the birth of UK house music scene back in the Acid House scene in 1988. I was regularly attending the 'Rave' clubs of London when the music as first evolving from a mixture of styles - House from Chicago, Techno from Detroit, Balearic music from Ibiza, and Piano tracks from Italy. DJs would also have the freedom to throw their own favorites in to the melting pot, such as Belgian New Beat music or UK Hardcore music. The scene was still underground and just beginning to explode in to the main stream, driven by the vision and passion of London's first house music clubs and promoters. Clubs such as Future, Delirium, The Trip, Shoom, Spectrum, Earth, Land of Oz, Sin, The Mudd Club, Troy, The Milk Bar and The Pirate Club were the first club promotions in London's club after the M25 orbital Raves had been shut down by a Police and media campaign. This had resulted in an Act of Parliament forbidding the gathering of 20 or more people dancing outdoors to repetitive beats! The establishment failed miserably to kill of 'evil cult' of Acid House, and the negative PR campaign only push the underground House scene mainstream in to London's house clubs. At the same time small pirate stations such as LWR, Kiss were pushing rave tunes into the pop charts with song such as Steve Hurley's 'Jack Your Body' reaching number one. This was also birth of the 'Superstar' DJs that still run the music scene today. I used to watch Carl Cox, Fabio and Grooverider, Paul Oakenfold, Mark Moore and it was listening to their sets and dancing to their selection of underground music that encouraged me to start my record collecting and purchase my Technic Decks with the aim of making it as DJ myself. Within 6 months of mixing it up with friends indoors I had perfected the art of djing and had built up a sizeable record collection to begin my quest.

It was about this time in 1993 that a new super club was creating a lot of buzz on the underground scene. This was the now world famous Ministry of Sound which was to rival the Hacienda in Manchester, which I'm glad to say I attended once. Based on New York's Paradise Garage and the notoriety of its star DJ Larry Levan the first DJ to reach superstar status through his music productions and legendary DJ sets. The club had started in September 1991 as the brainchild of resident DJ Justin Berkman, and when I first attended I was blown away by its main room sound system. It was like hearing music for the first time. The system was perfectly balanced that so that the bass would pound you in the stomach yet the volume was not screaming at you. You could here every detail of the music from the bass, to the vocals echoing around the room, the percussion, to the clash of the high-hats, and yet still hear a conversation next to you. At the same time it was the first club to run all night complete with a chill out cinema room and a no alcohol policy. Most of all it has the toughest door policy in London which made the clientele the cream of London clubbers. At this time the first US DJ's such as Tony Humphries and Masters At Work were holding residencies introducing soulful vocal 'Garage' music. Ministry back in 1993 had to be experienced to be believed. Quite simply if you were a clubber than this was equivalent to a trip to Mecca or the The Holy land. Little did I know at this time within a couple of years I would be back in this club DJing for Pengeparty on that killer sound system, a lifetime dream come true.

A little later my brother Jason started to join me on my clubbing trips to the Ministry and it would turn out to be the direct 'Big Bang' moment that gave birth to Pengeparty. My brother would invite a select crew of DJs and clubbers to an after party at his house in Penge after the Ministry finished each Sunday morning. Key Djs would play the sounds of the Ministry in the house and soon the size of the after parties were growing to big to be contain within a house, so much so that the floorboards literally collapsed. It was at that moment Jason had the vision to take his crew of Djs, the sounds of the Ministry, the cream of the Ministry clubbers and start promoting his own club nights in London. With that vision came the blueprint of what the best clubbing experience could be and Jason understood that being selective with who was invited was the key to success. He decided to use invites posted out to the most up for it party people and allow them to select a limited number of guests. Membership cards were issued to the cream of the guests and the parties allowed to grow organically by word of mouth without any advertising or promotion. Invites were soon gold dust and with out an invite you simply had to wait in hope. Another key element of the parties was only the most exclusive venues were chosen. The best lighting technicians, sound system technicians, interior decorators and friendly staff were then brought in to create the perfect clubbing experience creating life long memories in those that were lucky enough to attend!

Heaven 1000 London
Ministry Of Sound 1500 London
Café de Paris 1000 London
Pacha 1000 London
Aquarium 800 London
Pangea 500 London
Emporium 600 London
Legends 600 London
10 Rooms 600 London
The Glass House 1000 London
The Mermaid Theatre 1000 London
The Cross 1000 London
Club AKA 800 London
Chelsea Football Club 1200 London
The Yacht Club 500 London
The Connaulght Rooms 1000 London
Camden Town Hall 1000 London
The White House 500 London
Club CC 800 London
McQueen 600 London
Leeds Castle 600 London
8 Club 500 London
Aquum 450 London
The Henley Regatta Ball 1000 London
The London Zoo 600 London
Rouge 600 London
The Regatta Center 600 London
Imperial Gardens 600 London
Pinks 600 Windsor
Musiko 1000 Italy
Glories 1000 Italy
Vangelja 1000 Italy
Hollywood 1000 Italy
Blue Villa 350 Ibiza
Fanara 800 Egypt

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