A-List Party @ McQueen October 2012

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Pengeparty Winter Season @ McQueen, London's sexiest all round venue!

55-60 Tabernacle street, EC2A 4AA - Saturday 27th October - 9pm - 3am

Our Winter series of monthly parties at McQueen simply kicked off with a scorcher, with Dj's Clinton Oliver and Stevie P partying as much behind the decks, as they continued in front of them once able to get amongst it on the dance floor.

By 11.30pm with little room in the venue, with both the lounge busy and the club packed with all the VIP tables sold out the party was at full tilt upstairs and down with as glamorous crowd as always. If you are planning to join us for this next one we're expecting reaching capacity at the next party and if you want a table please don't leave it until the day before to book it.

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It's always a rewarding moment for any Pengeparty Dj to have the pleasure to thoroughly have a fellow Dj rooted to the dance floor, plotted up in front of the decks and simply what can only be described as over animated expression of pure immersion in the music.

As if by magic with the British summer fading to a close, with London party season stepping into gear Pengeparty looks set to really get motoring with all cylinders firing in the next couple of months. The photos from the last parties are now all up on the Pengeparty website


For the first time in a while we're toying with the idea of putting on a New Years eve party just looking for some feedback over the next month to decide if we do commit in the end. If we do it will be something intimate but very special with the possibility of the full use of a country mansion.

One thing London doesn't lack in the Winter is cold dark nights, ultimately proving to be some of the best Winter weather in the world to make you feel like going out and get the blood circulating around the veins whilst sipping a glass of champagne or a destroying bottle of vodka with friends.

Our residency until the end of the year at McQueen simply ticks all the boxes being one of London's leading A-list venues, and the fine tuning work we're perfecting with the club management will just add the icing on the cake positioning Pengeparty well and truly on form!

McQueen offers a perfect environment geared to those discerning adults who prefer a little luxury at a sensible price. With two appetizing set menu options in the restaurant at £35 and £45 per head if you are celebrating a birthday this is a perfect way to start the night. the restaurant is open from 7pm. Dinner can be booked from from 7pm, or join us after 9pm for cocktails.

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The cocktail lounge bar upstairs is a perfect place to sip cocktails whilst our Pengeparty Dj's Alex C and Rupert Jacks get you in the mood to move downstairs into luxury club once the night is warmed up. Why even consider sitting at home watching "Come dine with me" or "Come dancing", when what we have on offer will tantalize all your senses.

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If you are group celebrating a birthday or just fancy a dramaless night out, with waitress service, a VIP table could be the ideal choice. It will enable you and your group to jump the queue and be escorted to your VIP Table where the club's waitress will take care of your drinks service all night.

For reserving VIP tables please visit the VIP Table section of the Pengeparty site. Once reserved please email names of your VIP guests to and title the email "VIP table" and we will take care of things from there. Http:/

This month on the decks we have Dj's Jason Lorimer, Marble, Tim Spins and special guest Dj Johnny Coombes with Nickyboy on percussion, all performing with one thing in mind, to make the party rock. We've had year of experience consistently perfecting the art of doing so. Join us and let us show you how!

See you on Saturday 27th of October!


The Pengeparty Winter Warmer Crew

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