A List Party @ McQueen November

Pengeparty presents a Winter season of Living Legend Dj's "0-60"
@ The Multi Award Winning McQueen

51-56 Tabernacle Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4AA

Winner of the 2013 Cannes Fashion TV Nightlife Award "Best London Venue"

Winner of the 2013 London Bar and Club Award for "Best Bar"

8pm until 5am, Saturday 23rd November

Next Date New Years Eve (TBC)

Hey hey, it's November which means another year has almost been and gone. So if there was ever a reason to fit one more night of pure entertainment into everyone's annual schedule, Saturday November 23rd should be a perfect excuse, as we have an extended 5am license. 18 Years on we still figure it's imperative for everyone to get out of the house once a month and enjoy some festivities.

Back in August we extended invited Brandon Block to be the guest for "Living Legend" Dj Slot and this month we have the pleasure of welcoming his partner in crime for many years behind the decks, Alex P. One of Alex’s biggest achievements is the concept and starting of SPACE TERRACE IBIZA, anyone who knows anything about clubbing will know this is now the most famous night spot in the world. He also owned Velvet Rooms In W1 London host to many famous nights including Carl Cox’s legendary Ultimate Bass.

Ironically it was only this week that we came across a copy of Ministry Magazine from 1999 and flicking through the pages came across an article of a chart listing club lands 50 maddest people. Most people might take offence to getting a mention in the top 10, however we're sure if we mentioned that pole to both Alex and Brandon, that they both would accept that accolade with pride. Alex's only beef, will be the fact that Brandon beat him to the pole position and it wasn't shared.

Hearing the stories about the days Alex owned the bar concession on the Space Terrace, would be every club owners worse nightare, however along with some decks and a mixer they help created a monster in the reputation Space Terrace went on to have in the world of clubbing.The mere fact that they went through a whole season barely making a penny out of the bar, or being paid for the weekly Space Dj slots, due to monies owed for the stock they'd drank or gave away, says it all.

Alex is renowned globally as the ‘Party King’ not only because of his crazy antics and his ability to whip Dance Floors into euphoria but within the Music Industry as a top DJ/Producer and Presenter. His vast knowledge and unique style have enabled him to DJ around the world for many years now and is in constant demand for global guest spots.

Alex has presented numerous shows on TV for MTV, SKY, KISS FM, KISS TV and RAPTURE TV. Alex has won several DJ awards including an award wining Radio show with Brandon Block. Alex is currently presenting Peezee’s Phat Beats transmitted on FM and net for

Alex P is and will continue to be synonymous with ‘House Music’To his Peers Alex is regarded as a Legend and a Gentle man, to us he fits The Living Legend Dj profile as if the description was written with him in mind. We're looking forward to what musical artillery he comes equipped with being dropped smack bang in the deep end at the next Pengeparty left to prove why he's earn't the title of a living legend.

Last month Andy Galea lived up to the Living Legend title, the former head of A&R for Strictly Rhythm in the UK, played a storming set! Once Marble had handed over the decks having set the tempo for the night, Andy had no issues keeping the music vocal, funky and at full tilt.

With hands raised on the dance floor, time after time, Nickyboy was in the background keeping the rhythm skipping along with the accompanying percussion. Having consistently dropped tune after tune Andy handed left the remainder of the night for a back to back set between Jason Lorimer and Marble, with only one place left to go, drop down two gears and go to work!

In the Lounge this month we welcome Dj Keisha who will be celebrating her birthday in style managing the decks with resident Tim Spins. Rupert Jacks commented on the enjoyment had from playing a longer set last month along side Tim Spins they had the Lounge packed all night. So this month you can expect a musical journey from Tim and Keisha, cut from the finest collection of house music dating back to the early 90's.

If you are thinking about booking a VIP table be warned all 18 tables throughout the venue were sold out prior to the night, so if you are with a group, who wish to benefit from avoiding waiting for drinks at the bar and take advantage of the waitress service at McQueen don't delay in getting your table booked.

We have VIP tables in the club available for groups of 2-15. VIP invites will offer fast track entry absolutely no queuing and the option of having VIP waitress bottle service all night. There are 2 tables of 2-8 with a minimum spend of £350 and then 8 tables for 6-15 with a minimum spend of £500 available.

To avoid disappointment please do not delay making your reservation, we have limited availability so are always over subscribed! Reserve your VIP table now by calling McQueen on 0207 036 9229 or emailing or and we will contact you directly for the full names of the members of your group. If you are celebrating a birthday booking a VIP table is a perfect way to enjoy the night!

Keeping you locked to the dance floor.

The Pengeparty Living Legends Crew