A-List Party @ McQueen March 2013

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This Saturday - 23rd March

Pengeparty presents our March A-list party + 25 Years of Def Mix @ Ministry of Sound!

51-56 Tabernacle Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4AA

8pm until 3am

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Update - Wednesday March 20th, 2013

Hi there it should be that time of year we are rejoicing the arrival of Spring however with no sign of let up of the zero temperatures outside, that just would be premature, so we won't bother!

However even for the less party hardened, this specific weekend of musical party entertainment should sway your thoughts of staying in and bring you around to the idea that this Saturday night will be a night to commit to history books and not to be missed! We return to McQueen for our monthly installment, welcoming upstairs in lounge this month Dj Patrick F, who's smooth sounds and seemless mixing is always a pleasure to heard, along with Steve K flying in from Moscow and Tristan. We are confident the only people going home early will be due to lack of pacing and through endulgance of alcohol.

Musically this month on the decks, we have residents Jason Lorimer, Tim Spins, Marble, Patrick F, Tristan and welcome special guest Steve K flying in from Moscow for an exclusive set with us and show off his latest designer specs.

Downstairs in the club accompanied by Nickyboy on percussion, Dj's Jason Lorimer, Tim Spins and Marble will be in charge of the musical journey and as always won't be taking any prisoners so make sure you turn up in your best dancing shoes. Having notched up 60 years of Dj experience between them, it takes an organisation like Def Mix to pull together a collective of Dj's who have cleared closer to 80 years and make them feel like juniors.So respecting that fact we couldn't miss out on the opportunity to get involved and organise a follow on to Pengeparty @ Mcqueens.

Frankie Knuckles is considered one of the god father of house music along with David Morales.Both have produced and remixed most of the iconic aritsts of the dance music era. Joined of course by Justin Berkman who was one of the team who conceptualised the MOS and with his weekly residents Dj sets became unkowingly one of the main musical inspirations which created the seed for Pengeparty beginnings, many moons ago. Few Dj's have rocked the main room like him to this day. Any Djs and musical connoisseurs amoung you will know that Def Mix has been prolific producing some of the best and most memorable club music, for the past 25 years.

As Stevie P highlighted today if Fee who anniversary of passing, which happens to be this Saturday, was here today, he'd definately be getting his party shoes ready for an outstanding night out. That's a good enough reminder for us all to make the most of these rare opportunities, to listen and dance to the amazing music, played on the best system in the world! . Therefore we feel it would be rude not to attend. We've therefore organised 100 VIP queue jump wristbands for the 25 years of Def Mix celebrations at the Ministry of sound available for those still standing wanting more at the end of Pengeparty.

The new gallery of photos from our February party is now up on our website so if you want to get a flavour of what you missed out last time click on the linkbelow. The photos now can simply be viewed by loging into the Pengeparty members section which you can do withyour existing Twitter or Facebook login.

To guarantee entry to the next Pengeparty the best bet is to secure your invitation/entry ticket in advance. As the capacity of McQueen is limited, when we reach capacity, which we have been doing by 11pm each month, we have to operate a strict one in one out policy so an advanced invite will guarantee entry. Alternatively please arrive early. Doors open at 8pm and early bird rate is available up to 9pm.

If you have an advanced invitation your entry is guaranteed. VIP's with tables or VIP invitation always jump the queue and guarantee entry at any time up until 1am.

If you would like to book a VIP table on the night either email us at, message us via Twitter/Pengeparty or call us on 07857880120.

Advanced pre-paid invies are available on line at or alternatively you can forward us full names to be added to the pay on the door guest list - email names to "

McQueen has 7 VIP tables in the club available for groups of 2-15.
VIP invites will offer fast track entry absolutely no queueing and the
option of having VIP waitress bottle service all night. There are 2
tables of 2-8 with a minimum spend of £350 and then 8 tables for
6-15 with a minimum spend of £500 available. Once again don't
delay as generally the tables all sell out prior to the night. If you
are celebrating a birthday booking a VIP table is a perfect way to
enjoy the night!

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We look forward to having you join us on the dancefloor for another rocking Pengeparty Saturday night. Looking into the future if you can't maje this party our next party is on the 20th of April, then we have our 18th birthday event scheduled for the 18th or 25th of May. We are currently in talks with London's newest luxury club to hold the event so that's one definately to look out for and get the date in your diary!



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