A-List Party @ DSTRKT August 2012

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A-list party

Pengeparty Summer in the City party @ DSTRKT London’s stunning new members club and winner of the 2012 award for "best new club" at the London Bar and Club awards!

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Taking place at McQueen, 55-60 Tabernacle street, EC2A 4AA - Saturday 26th August 2013


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The Olympic torch is ablaze in East London, you’re getting excited over sports you never knew existed and team GB’s trophy cabinet is fast filling up with gold (sort of). This can mean only one thing – the historic London summer of 2012 well and truly upon us (and there many tight bodied first round Olympian drop-outs looking for the best party in town).

dstrkt a-list club

Many have jumped ship for August to escape the madness and bake in 40 degree Mediterranean heat, but for those brave souls (ourselves included) who’ve sweated like a Grand National winner on heaving tubes, trains and buses; been fined by car hating TfL for using Olympic lanes; shared in the heartbreak of Tom Daley’s near miss; or been stuck behind large groups of slow moving Olympic tourists; we thought you might need to let off some serious steam.


We’re just four weekends away from our next event of 2012 and invitations for the night are now officially available, so don’t delay in getting yours to secure you entry! If our easter A-list party was anything to go by It’s going to be one hell of a party and one of the few we do in London this year so don’t miss out!

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Come and experience this £25 million luxury A-list venue and come and experience the finest music the world has to offer wiht with our residents dj’s Jason Lorimer, Marble, Tim Spins, Keisha and Tristan in control of the decks with Jim ‘Robbie Williams’ Butler on percussion and you never know you may be treated to a special guest apearance by Gordon Edge, the legendary trumpet man, just adding that additional je ne sais quoi to any rocking party.

Guests with advanced invtiations will have priority entry so if you want to guarantee entry we’d advise securing them in advance to avoid the risk of not getting in. Afterall its a bank holiday weekend so no work on Monday. We’re all looking forward to a return visit to Dstrkt and having the opportunity to ramp up their stomping Function One sounstystem system, at the coolest new luxury venue in london, which all the celebs are queuing up to book for their own birthday parties. Hopefully you will be joining us too!

Yours The Pengeparty Summer in the City Crew

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